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Questions No 1:

For this item, you will havetosshto the nodesik8s-master-0andik8s-node-0and complete all tasks on thesenodes. Ensure that you return tothe base node (hostname:node-1) when you havecompleted this item.


As an administrator of a smalldevelopment team, you have beenasked to set up a Kubernetes clusterto test the viability of a newapplication.


You must usekubeadmto performthis task. Anykubeadminvocationswill require the use of the

Configure thenodeik8s-master-Oas a masternode. .

Join the nodeik8s-node-otothe cluster.

See the solution below.

Explanation solution
You must use thekubeadmconfiguration file located at/etc/kubeadm.confwhen initializingyour cluster.

You may use any CNI pluginto complete this task, but ifyou don’t have your favouriteCNI plugin’s manifest URL athand, Calico is one popularoption:https://docs.projectcalico.org/v3.14/manifests/calico.yaml

Docker is already installedon both nodes andapthasbeen configured so that you caninstall the required tools

Questions No 2:

Get list of all pods in all namespaces and write it to file “/opt/pods-list.yaml”
See the solution below.

kubectl get po –all-namespaces > /opt/pods-list.yaml

Question No 3:

Create a file:
/opt/KUCC00302/kucc00302.txtthatlists all pods that implement servicebazin namespacedevelopment.

The format of the file should be onepod name per line. See the solution below.

F:\Work\Data Entry Work\Data Entry\20200827\CKA\11 B.JPG